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Your Daily Occupation: Spaces


Welcome to a new week! I hope you had a super weekend and took some extra time for yourself over the weekend.

Today I'll share a couple of things I did this weekend for my "future self." I was thinking ahead to my work for the week, and wanted to increase my likelihood of a calm and effective week.

Since moving into my new office, I haven't given it a good cleaning (and it's also a laundry room, so there's lots of lint!)  I put up my pretty wall calendars, a little art, and hung a curtain to separate the laundry part of the room. Check our my before and after views from my webcam!

This work to make my home office prettier served 2 functions. One: It's pretty, but it's also new in some ways. My mind enjoys the novel in situations. Two: It's an acknowledgement that working this way is going to be around for a while. By accepting that, I also am aware that it's worth the time it takes to upgrade the space. 

The above was only possible because Blake and I got the whole family involved in cleaning. He taught the youngsters how to clean bathtubs and assigned them each a bathroom. They also swept, emptied the dishwasher, helped cook, and did laundry. Here's the takeaway: Use your resources. If you live with other people, divide the work between all of you, so it doesn't all fall on one person (hint, it's usually the mom or wife). If you live alone, consider what additional resources you could use: home delivery, list making, or calls with your support team.


About the Author

Melissa Christopher, OT/L is an Occupational Therapist with more than twenty years of experience and the founder of Stellar Therapy Services. Stellar Therapy Services provides therapy staffing solutions for school districts, home health facilities, hospitals, and many other settings needing Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and other therapy and healthcare professionals.

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