As an Occupational Therapist, Melissa Christopher worked in traditional therapy positions and was not happy with how therapists were treated in the workplace. She believed then, as she does now, that therapists are professionals and should be treated as such.

She understood that therapists are a primary source of income for healthcare providers and should be treated as valuable assets.


Melissa began exploring non-traditional work arrangements, and that's when Stellar Therapy Services was born in 1999.


She saw a need for therapists to be able to work flexible schedules in order to be more available to their families. For herself, she wanted to live her life and be able to help support her family.

Today, Melissa is the mother of three children. She and her husband both work non-traditional work hours so that they can participate fully in their children's lives.




Operations Manager

In 2003, Stellar Therapy Services was growing rapidly. Tracy Adkins joined Stellar as Melissa's assistant and quickly became the heart of Stellar. We call Tracy the "glue that keeps us all together."


Tracy has four children and three grandchildren and understands the importance of maintaining a work environment that allows employees to always put the needs of their families first—something Stellar Therapy Services believes in and excels at!

Today, Tracy is Stellar's Operations Manager and is a key member of the management team.

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CFO, Medicaid Reimbursement Program Director

At the same time that Stellar was growing, Melissa's family was, too. But ever the ambitious woman, Melissa was having a hard time slowing down!

Towards the end of her first pregnancy, her family met and discussed ways to help her do just that. Holly's mother lived with her and her husband Michael (Melissa's brother) for six years after having a stroke, so both she and Michael were self-employed.

Holly believed in the family-first philosophy of Stellar and jumped at the opportunity to work with Melissa and Tracy.


Today, Holly is Stellar's Chief Financial Officer and is the third member of the Stellar management team. Holly lives with her husband Michael and two sons.